Our products

High performance plastics are the Vanéflon trademark. We don’t just deliver raw materials, as a producer we strive to bring you products that meet your requirements. If our standard products aren’t up to the task, we can use our extensive knowhow of materials and machines for custom made solutions.

Stock shapes

PTFE and fluorpolymers can be compression molded or extruded in different shapes. Vanéflon offers plates, sheets, near net shapes, rods and tubes in a wide variety of materials and sizes.

Machined parts

High performance plastics put excessive demands on machines to achieve the highest of tolerances. Vanéflon’s knowhow and experience will machine these high end products exactly to your needs.

PTFE sealing

The more corrosive the environment, the more important that sealing solutions are fit for the job. Vanéflon delivers reliable standard or custom made seals in high performance plastics.

Valve Components

Fluorpolymers are the ideal material for valves that are exposed to harsh chemical environments. Vanéflon’s valve components guarantee a high temperature and chemical resistance.

Other Products

Vanéflon produces a wide variety of quality products for the sealing industry. Whether you need tubes, PTFE glass fibre tape, EPTFE tape … we can meet the requirements of your application.