Vespel® is the trademark of a range of durable high-performance polyimide-based plastics manufactured by Dupont. Unlike most plastics, it does not produce significant out-gassing even at high temperatures, which makes it useful for lightweight heat shields and crucible support.

Vespel® is very useful in lightweight heat shields and crucible supports. It also performs well in vacuum applications down to even extremely low cryogenic temperatures. Other brand names include Meldin®, Tecasint® and Plavis®.

Vespel® is extremely resistant to high temperatures and creep and is often used in heat environments where thermoplastic materials lose their mechanical properties. Vespel®, a lightweight alternative to metal, is available in a wide range of formulations, including unfilled grades and very low friction and wear versions. It exhibits improved mechanical properties and superior thermal stability.

Vespel® products are highly durable polyimides for applications where exceptional thermal resistance, low wear and friction, strength and impact resistance are desirable. This high-quality polymer is mainly found in aerospace, semiconductor and transportation technology.

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Machined parts

High performance plastics take a lot of skill to machine, when you want to meet the most demanding specifications. To achieve tolerances of a few microns on these kind of materials demands expertise. Vanéflon has more than 40 years of experience in machining high performance plastics. Its specialized team of engineers will help you find the optimal solution for your machined part needs. Using in-house produced semi-finished products and high-quality machinery, our experienced craftsmen will produce your parts to exact specifications.

Material design, prototyping and customization capabilities are all present in-house. Vanéflon specializes in machining small to large series of high precision parts in a cost effective way. If size matters, it can mould and machine parts up to a diameter of 1.400 mm. Vanéflon can achieve high precision parts with tolerances down to 5 µm.

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