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Fluorpolymers are the ideal material for valves that are exposed to harsh chemical environments. Vanéflon’s valve components guarantee a high temperature and chemical resistance.
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PTFE liners for butterfly valves

Vanéflon has more than 40 years of experience in PTFE liners for butterfly valves. Thanks to its innovative production process in combination with its expertise, liners for butterfly valves can be produced very cost efficiently. Vanéflon offers the lowest prices on the market, but also delivers on consistent quality and fast, reliable and flexible delivery terms.

The most commonly used material are PTFE, TFM®, UHMPE, available in sizes from DN40 up to DN1200.

Key properties

  • High temperature resistance
  • Anti-adhesion properties
  • High chemical resistance
  • Inertness


  • Butterfly valves


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