High Performance Solutions in High Performance Plastics

Vanéflon has been producing high performance plastics for more than forty years. Whether it’s PTFE, PCTFE, PEEK, Vespel compounds or other fluorpolymers or engineering polymers you need, the team uses its knowhow and experience to provide each customer with the best fit for his specific application. Even for the hardest of chemical environments, Vanéflon comes up with cost efficient solutions by delivering materials that are up to the task, guaranteeing you the best possible TCO. Because it keeps a tight grip on the production process, Vanéflon can deliver a consistent high quality and an assured delivery reliability.

We help our customers to grow through

Excellent customer service

We strive to have a one-on-one relation with our customers. The Vanéflon team is always ready to answer all of your questions and to guide you in projects tailored to your company’s needs.

High quality products

Thanks to our extensive know-how of high performance plastics and the continuous monitoring by technical experts, we possess the necessary knowledge from powder to final product.

Technical Support

Our expertise in engineering and production enables us to help our customers make the right material choices.

Cost efficiency

We analyze the needs of our customers to provide the most efficient solution possible.

Delivery reliability

We deliver as promised. If needed with flexible VMI systems to offer seamless support to the logistic processes of our customers.

Our values

We uphold our values to guarantee a consistent quality and a correct service to our customers: customer-focused, respectful, reliable, loyal, dedicated.