Vespel® is the trademark of a range of durable high-performance polyimide-based plastics manufactured by Dupont. Unlike most plastics, it does not produce significant out-gassing even at high temperatures, which makes it useful for lightweight heat shields and crucible support.

What is Vespel®?

Vespel® (polyimide) is an extremely high temperature, creep resistant plastic material that is often used in high heat environments where thermoplastic materials lose their mechanical properties. Vespel®, a lightweight alternative to metal, is available in a variety of formulations, including unfilled grades and several low friction and wear grades. It exhibits enhanced mechanical properties and superior thermal stability. It also performs well in vacuum applications, down to extremely low cryogenic temperatures.

Vespel® products are highly durable polyimides used in demanding applications where exceptional thermal resistance, low wear and/or low friction, strength and impact resistance are desired. This high-performance polymer is mostly used in aerospace, semiconductor and transportation technology. Go to Vespel® machined parts.

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Key properties of Vespel®

  • Dimensional and thermal stability
  • Creep resistance
  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance
  • Performance in high pressure, high temperature and low temperature sealing solutions
  • Excellent bearing and wear properties
  • Electrical insulating

Vespel® uses

  • Semiconductor and material handling machinery
  • Chip test sockets
  • Wafer clamping rings
  • Valve seats and sealing applications
  • Spline couplings
  • High performance bearings and bushings
  • Locking fasteners for aerospace

VESPEL® compounds


Vespel® SP-1Vespel® SP-1 virgin polyimide is an unfilled base resin. It scores better than all other Vespel® grades on strength, elongation, purity and electric and thermal insulation. It can operate in temperatures between cryogenic and 300 °C. Thanks to its resistance to stress relaxation, Vespel® SP-1 will prove to be a highly reliable seal, even outperforming metal-to-metal seals with much narrower tolerances. More info


Vespel® SP-21Vespel® SP-21  is enhanced with graphite (15% per weight). This addition results in increased resistance and reduced friction. It has the incredible advantage that it can be used with our without lubrication in various applications. This makes Vespel® SP-21 a popular choice for automotive producers to use in for example thrust washers, bearings or seals. Of all graphite filled grades, Vespel® SP-21 shows the best mechanical properties. More info


SP-211 VespelVespel® SP-211 contains 10% PTFE and 15% graphite by weight. If you need an even lower coefficient of friction, then Vespel® SP-211 will be the best choice for you. This grade guarantees excellent wear resistance up to 149 °C. Any application that suffers from wear and friction, like sliding or liner bearings, will benefit greatly from the advantages of Vespel® SP-211. More info


SP22 VespelVespel® SP-22 is enhanced with 40% graphite per weight, resulting in minimal thermal expansion and maximal dimensional stability. Furthermore, this grade delivers enhanced wear resistance, lower friction and oxidative stability. If the application requires very tight tolerances under severe wear (bearings, thrust washers, bushings, seal rings …), Vespel® SP-22 will prove itself an excellent solution. More info